Enhancing engagement with biotechnology through interactions with the scientific community, school students, teachers and the general public

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Sharing Science

Sharing Science linked researchers from Universities and Research Centres, with Science Centre Staff, in the task of engaging the public with science. It sought ways of translating developments in the research environment into the Science Centre/public engagement field. Researchers showcased their research in public events at the Science Centres.
The 2006-07 pilot project ‘Making Tremors’ and the 2007-08 expansion project ’Sharing Science I’, were run by SIBE. SIBE then rolled out the project and supported the successful application of University of Dundee to run Sharing Science II in 2008-09. As a partner on Sharing Science II, SIBE provided science communication training to participants.
Partners in the project were SIBE, University of Edinburgh School of Geosciences, the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS, University of Highlands and Islands), Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh, University of Dundee and Sensation Science Centre, Dundee. The project was funded by the Scottish Government.

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